Cardiff City Auctions

Welcome Back!

Posted On: 30 Jun 2020 by Kirsty Paris

Welcome back to customers old and new! So good to see you all at the weekend and thank you for adhering to social distancing throughout :)


Wow!! What a fantastic response you gave us at this weekends auctions! Thank you so much we really appreciate all of the wonderful positive comments regarding all our hard work repainting toilets and our reception area etc. We also were thrilled to hear you are happy to have hot water in all toilets, it was definitely no fun washing our hands with cold water during the winter months. 

We would like to thank everyone for adhering to social distancing at all times and being very patient whilst we dealt with one customer at a time at reception. Size shouldn't matter but as everyone knows we are the largest auction house in Cardiff which makes it very easy for us to operate whilst still following Covid social distancing restrictions. We simply have a huge space that enables our customers to browse and bid safely. As some of you are aware that visited us at the weekend we have plenty of hand sanitising stations and signs placed all around the auction rooms and at the entrances and exit doors. Those of you who sell with us will remember the dip right by the roller shutter door which proved difficult to get the trolleys in and out without items falling off; that has been dug out and new slabs replacing that area so cages and trolleys now glide over which makes life so easy! 

Thank you all for the love and support, we were incredibly touched by all the wonderful comments. We look forward to seeing you all each week and hope to continue to bring you an array of items. There really is something for all here.

Take care and stay safe 

Kirsty & Dave